Want to make sure that you’ve got the right people in the right place at the right time? Need a deeper understanding of where your company spends its working hours? With the latest methods you can make sure your planning and monitoring runs like clockwork.

Why should you bother to invest in time and workforce management?

  1. Free up time for the important things. With rock-solid work-time management and monitoring in place, you can spend your valuable time on developing the company and its people, not wasting it on things like shift planning.
  2. Know where the time is going. With our WFM help you can make sure time is used in the most efficient way, that everyone is treated equally, and that overtime and compensation are handled without a hitch.
  3. Put some smarts into your systems. Organizations that use variable and irregular shift work benefit the most from the Quinyx system. For expert organizations we recommend Visma Tiima.

The Quinyx system makes time management easy when planning shifts in, for example, social service and healthcare organizations. Quinyx is also very popular with the grocery and restaurant sector.

Work time monitoring and Visma Tiima are suitable for organizations that want to use work time performance indicators as a basis for their billing and pricing.

Looking to get to grips with your workforce and time management? Get in touch!