Humane HR processes and tomorrow’s HR, today? When you are lacking sense of direction in payroll or HR, the Integratans are here for you. The consultants are not yours to keep but are there to do the work for you.

May we help?

  • Better Processes and Faster Procedures. Finetune your workflow to save time and your nerves. Top-notch processes enable a top-notch and hassle-free system implementation.
  • Aligned Systems. Struggling with systems and vendors? Let us be there to help you navigate in the maze.
  • Automating Manual Maneuvers. Leave all weary and mundane tasks to the robots and focus on more meaningful and productive tasks.
  • Pros in Project Management. Once in the need of a guide for you HR project, let us Integratans lead you through the project.

Finding it hard to navigate in the field of HR, payroll, workforce management or leadership? Don’t know where to start? Contact us for a human consultant to guide you through your challenges. What do all Integratan consultants have in common? We develop, help in the procurement process, draw a strategic roadmap for HR, and eat projects for breakfast.

When to contact us?

Well, basically, at any time, but especially when planning changes in your business. As an ace up our sleeve, we bring our years of experience, expertise and customer understanding to the table, so you don’t have to figure things out on your own. In a nutshell, no more Chief PowerPoint Officers or useless meetings with notorious hand-waving.

Humane HR processes and tomorrow’s HR, today? Happy to help!