Hassle-free HR? HumHum HR is a human resource and payroll app developed by Integrata. The app carries two-way HR communication and important announcements. It makes payroll roll as planned – safely and securely, wherever. Employment info and personal payslips also available on the go. Get the app from our online store or request a demo! Also available for desktop use.


HumHum HR features

  • Hassle-free HR. With the app, you can focus your time and energy on doing what you do best.
  • Employee data in your pocket. Employers can manage their employee and payroll information, wherever.
  • Modern and secure payroll management. The app provides an easy way to review and approve payments, efficiently and securely.
  • HR communication and employment info in your pocket. Two-way HR messages as a dialogue and important announcements in the app.

“The app allows you to manage employee and payroll information and important messages and documents wherever you are.”

Employees can also check their payslips on their mobile phone.

Hassle-free HR and secure payroll management

Let the app do the spadework for you. With HumHum HR, employees can view their employee and payroll information, important HR messages, and staff absences in one place, wherever they are. The employer can also approve sick leave and payments securely and efficiently in the app. Also available for desktop use.

With the app, you don’t have to waste your time on paperwork or relatively boring routine tasks. You can use your time to focus on what really matters in your company: humans.

HumHum HR features

  1. Payroll Management. Hassle-free payroll management on the go: the app provides an easy way to review and approve payments, drill down into salary calculations, check payment transactions, and send correction requests in one place, wherever you are. Salary and employment information is automatically analyzed for changes or deviations (e.g. due to absences).
  2. Employee information. Employee and payroll information right in your pocket: absences due to illness can be reported to the employer securely and efficiently through the app, and any confirmations and comments can be made directly in the app. You can approve sick leave and related documents anywhere, anytime, and all necessary documents can be sent to supervisors within seconds.
  3. Communication. Stay up to date: with the app, you can share and receive announcements of upcoming staff events and interesting posts on hassle-free HR. Important messages are automatically sent to all relevant recipients.
  4. Supported languages: Finnish, English, Swedish.

Contact us for more information or request a demo! Read more about the app features on App Store or Google Play.

Hassle-free HR

HumHum HR provides an easy and efficient platform for managing HR processes. The app is designed to be as user-friendly as possible for mobile users: for example, the dark themes are easy on the eyes and help reduce battery drain.

With the HumHum HR application, employee data and HR functions travel conveniently in your pocket. In addition to mobile devices, the app can also be accessed on a web browser.

Accessing the Payment reviews feature requires the use of Integrata’s payroll service or payroll system. As a registered client, you can buy the app directly from our online store.

“With the HumHum HR application, employee data and HR functions travel conveniently in your pocket. In addition to mobile devices, the app can also be accessed on a web browser.”

All essential data in one browser-accessible location.
HumHum HR Browser App
HumHum HR Browser App also available.

Integration with other HR systems

The app can be integrated with Mepco HRM and Sympa HR. Integration with other HR systems is also possible. For example, when integrated with Mepco, the employee can notify their employer of an absence due to illness directly through the app. The information will be automatically transferred to the HR system, where the employer can process it. Employees can also update their personal information quickly and easily in the app.


The Payroll ERP project invests in the development of a modern payroll management software. With the help of co-funding by the European Union, we are building a scalable control technology for the HumHum HR application platform, which helps customers automate and improve HR and payroll processes, reduce errors and remove redundant work.

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