HR Reporting & Analytics services help organizations lead with knowledge and make data-driven decisions. HR Reporting and Analytics services enable you and your HR team to turn data into intuitive reports and accurate stories.

HR Reporting and Analytics in a nutshell 🥜

  • HR Reporting = The sweet spot of organisational HR data 🍯 Reporting gathers key HR metrics in an automated fashion. Automation puts an end to the misery of manually collecting, compiling, and distributing information. Those in need of high-quality data get it in real time.
  • HR Analytics = The Future 🔮 Automation of HR Reporting is the basis for sophisticated HR Analytics. HR Analytics enables data-driven decision making, based on evidence and leadership development.
  • Metrics and indicators based on objectives. Reporting and analytics both need to be based on organizational objectives. The Integratans are there with you in defining these key objectives that are the driving force behind the success of your organization.

HR Reporting offers real-time insights to personnel metrics and is designed to meet organizational needs on an operational level. HR Reporting automates the weary routine and manual tasks, so that people can focus on more meaningful and productive tasks.

With HR Reporting and Analytics you can

  1. Lead with knowledge and make data-driven decisions
  2. Prioritize investments to be made in HR
  3. Create operational value and enable the use of forecasts and analyses
  4. See the big picture and bring new insights to the table. What has happened and what is going to happen in the future?
  5. Delve into organizational pain points and challenges centered around humans, and react accordingly.