To get your HR house in order, you need a partner that cuts through the **** and just gets things done. A breath of fresh air for your HR team and professionals.

How is it hassle-free?

  1. Better processes and quicker routines. When you make HR management simple you save everybody’s time. And nerves.
  2. Drop the paperwork. With properly digitalized HR tasks and systems that are easy for everyone to use, you can forget paper piles and stop worrying about info being lost in the Excel wilderness.
  3. Focus on the essential things. You’ve only got one pair of hands, so why not outsource the routine stuff to a focused team instead? As a cherry on top, you’ll also benefit from insights into the HR of tomorrow, today.
  4. A system that’s fit for purpose. Choose Sympa HR or Mepco HRM and let the robots do what they do best.
  5. Add services that take your competitiveness to a new level: Guidin for leadership, TalentAdore for recruitment, or robotics and analytics for easier decision making.
  6. Far more than just helping you choose the system that’s right for you, we’ll roll up our sleeves, get our hands dirty and help you transform your HR into something you can be proud of.

We do the spadework to make sure that your HR tasks and add-ons (for example to salary payments) are clear and properly documented. With our help, new workflows and systems become second nature in no time.

“Integrata gave us plenty of concrete tips on how a company operating globally should systemize its HR processes. Their experience and everyday HR knowhow was a huge help for us.”

Mari Kuusela, Business Coordinator, Glaston Finland Oy

How we help

  • Fine-tuning, refinement, documentation, and communication of HR workflow
  • Competitive bidding, selection, and ramp up for HR systems
  • Integrations between the HR system and other systems
  • Project management for HR projects
  • Management coaching and support, leadership services
  • A helping hand – human or robot – to keep your everyday HR running like clockwork

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